By the fall of 1973, groundwork was completed for forming an organization of offspring of Pearl Harbor Survivors. On October 20, 1973, PHSA National President Merle Stouffer officially installed the first national officers of the SDPHS. The ceremony was held at the Captain’s Table Gulf Wind Resort in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida in conjunction with the local PHSA Florida Chapter 1 dinner meeting. The first national officers installed were President Cheryl L. Martin of Largo, Florida (daughter of Survivor Harold “Sarge” Cook, Schofield Barracks 27th Infantry), Vice President Romaine E. Maddox of Pinellas Park, Florida (daughter of Survivor Hank Shane, USS Raleigh), and Secretary-Treasurer Sheila Mielbrecht of Orlando, Florida (daughter of Survivor Hiram Mosley, 35th Infantry). Carl L. Garbo of St. Petersburg, Florida (son of Survivor Nunzio Garbo, USS Tangiers) succeeded Vice-President Maddox after her move out of the Tampa Bay area.