“Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941 – Lest We Forget.”

Man on boat in foreground hangs head in reverence to battleship and pearl harbor memorial in the background

The Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors (SDPHS), Inc. is an organization of descendants of military personnel who were stationed at Pearl Harbor and other military installations on the island of Oahu, territory of Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

In addition to descendants, our members include associates who promote our mission to never forget the sacrifices made in defending America and preserving our freedom and democracy. We have over 4,000 members in all 50 states as well as foreign countries and some who are currently serving in the military.

Organization leadership is made up of four executive officers, eight district directors, two trustees, one registrar, one newsletter (the Offspring) editor, one child survivor coordinator, one Pearl Harbor Survivor archivist, one storekeeper, and 24 state chairs.

Elections for executive officers are held biennially in the same years national conventions are held. Any member in good standing can submit their name for candidacy to the National President. A special ballot edition of the newsletter Offspring is sent to all dues paying members. Ballots are counted and winners announced at the general membership meeting held at the national convention. District Directors and other officers are appointed by the National President at the first meeting of the newly elected executive board. Our current officers are listed below.


New York World-Telegram newspaper with headline "1500 dead in hawaii, congress votes war"

It is the mission of the SDPHS to further the legacy of those who fought and died as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor, island of Oahu, territory of Hawaii and surrounding areas, by the Japanese Imperial Navy on December 7, 1941 which catapulted the United States into WWII by sharing their first-hand accounts leading up to, during, and after the attack of the…“date which will live in infamy.”